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Premium Hat Patches
Unique, Reliable, and Exceptional Patches for All Your Business And Individual Needs

Premium Hat Patches
Unique, Reliable, and Exceptional Patches for All Your Business And Individual Needs

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Stand out out from the crowd
with our top-tier bespoke hat patches

Are you looking for 2024’s most outstanding Hat Patches to set your brand apart?

Or perhaps you're seeking a stylish addition that can make your favorite hat stand out in the crowd? We have got you covered! At Hats Patches, we deliver custom patches that not just meet, but surpass your expectations, adding impressive details excellently centered around each lover’s defined style statement. They say, "It's the little things that have the biggest impact." Nothing could be truer when discussing patches. A tiny hat patch gives your outfit a big edge, making you stand out among the crowd. Let our unique, meticulously crafted hats patches speak for you - Insist on individuality, insist on quality.

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Watch Our Video To Learn More About Our Intricate Hatspatches Craft and Manufacturing Processes

Watch the video to see the various stages involved - from design conceptualization to the final finishing touches. See how we incorporate traditional embroidery techniques with modern machinery to deliver high quality, unique patches each time. Our focus is on sustainability and ethics at every step. Click on the video below and experience our vision.


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softball patch

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Rolling Stones Patch

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custom letter patches

Patch on a Hat without Sewing

Order now for custom patches!

Are you ready to elevate your brand's identity to new heights? Look no further! Our custom patches offer a unique opportunity to showcase your vision with unparalleled quality and unbeatable wholesale rates.

Susian Smith
Susian Smith
Nice. 😊
Talha Ayub
Talha Ayub
Timely delivery and competitive pricing further solidify HatsPatches as a reliable partner in the world of custom patches.
Wilbur Thompson
Wilbur Thompson
Ordered patches from HatsPatches, and they're fantastic! Quality is top-notch, customization options are great, ordering was easy, and delivery was fast. Now my hats stand out with their unique style. Thanks, HatsPatches!

Delve into Our Extensive
Categories of Hat Patches

Embroidery Patches

Embroidered Patches

Bringing your designs to life in the finest threadwork, embroidered patches from our collection offer a stroke of elegance, vintage charm, and intricate craftsmanship. Complimenting a multitude of textiles, they are perfect adornments for a high-street look!
Sublimated Hat Patches

Sublimated Hat Patch

Experience limitless color possibilities and extremely detailed designs with our sublimated patches. These are just the things when your design is too intricate to be captured by traditional embroidery, turning your hats into striking branding platforms.
Leather Hat Patch

Leather Hat Patch

Shedding a rustic charm, our leather patches offer unparalleled elegance and a robust statement to your hats. Beautifully textured and embossed, these leather hat patches appeal to anyone looking to make a classy appearance in the modern world.
PVC Hat Patch

PVC Hat Patch

Superior in endurance and vibrancy, PVC patches are unbeatable! Waterproof, vivid, and resilient against wear and tear, they are perfect for sprucing up caps leaning toward adventure or outdoor activities.
Woven Hat Patch

Woven Hat Patch

Ideal for detailed designs that might have otherwise been lost by the thread thickness of embroidery, woven hat patch maintain the old-school embroidered look while allowing finer precision.
Velcro Hat Patches

Velcro Hat Patches

Benefit from the ultimate convenience and versatility with our Velcro patches. Tailor your style whenever you wish; these patches give you the flexibility to switch between looks instantly and effortlessly.

How We Became
A Leader in the Hat Patches Industry

For over a decade, we have been handcrafting embroidered and sublimation patches for clients around the world. From the initial design phase to the final quality checks, we have stringent processes in place to guarantee our products meet the highest standards. It is this dedication to quality that has earned us the loyalty of over 1,000 satisfied customers. Whether you need patches for team uniforms, events, or merchandise, you can trust that ours will exceed your expectations.

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Explore The Amazing Features of
Our Custom Hat Patches

Quality Assurance & Inspection

Astonishingly High-Quality Custom Hat Patches

Our patches for hats are made using advance technology. The combination of specialized hat patch raw materials accumulate in an exclusive final product. We guarantee a captivating harmony of beauty, longevity, and class flowing through each patch accompanying your headgear.

Material Sourcing

Variety of Material Options Suited for Your Needs

The material determines not just quality but also appeal and function. At our store, you get a variety of patch material choices including embroidery, leather, woven, PVC, and sublimation. Whether you want a threadwork masterpiece or a flawless PVC icon – we have all your needs covered.

Ability to Customize to Any Shape, Size, and Design

Ability to Customize to Any Shape, Size, and Design

What drives customer satisfaction in receiving something truly special. Its when they know it is made exactly for them and aesthetically carries part of their brand persona. At Hats Patches, you get to address several unconstrained imaginations: style, size, organization, and presentation.

Ensuring Health and Safety, All Materials Are Toxin-Free

Ensuring Health and Safety, All Materials Are Toxin-Free

Health and safety concerns are ultimately at the top of our agenda. We ensure that all the materials used in our custom patch construction are 100% hypoallergenic and toxin-free. We are also committed to using eco-friendly sustainable sources for all our hat patches used in the creation process.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing, Exceptional Value for Your Brands

We understand that custom items can get a little heavy on the pocket. To accommodate even small-scale entrepreneurs and strive tooth and nail to deliver value over cost back-to-back. Thus, we promise you the best without breaking your budget.

Efficient Delivery Responsibility and Speed

Seamlessly Shipped Right to Your Front Door

It's time to bid farewell to the hassles of pickup orders. Now sit back and enjoy our product conveniently delivered. No need to pause your daily schedules to stand in line. Enjoy great conversation centers built around bespoke delivery right from the comforts of your home.

Its A Brilliant Way to Showcase Your Brand

Its A Brilliant Way to Showcase Your Brand

Patches, effectively, work as ambassadors of your brand. They can be incorporated into numerous items from hats, jackets, backpacks, and so on. By choosing us as your hat patch provider, the iconic logo or design you entrust us with takes root not only on your brand merchandise but also in countless environments.

Incredible Durability

Incredible Durability – Stays New for Years To Come

Just like the nature of your brand, our patches for hats are built to last! The bonds of these woven beauties refuse to bend under pressures of time or washes, maintaining their glowing attractiveness till newer pastures. Ruggedly designed and thoroughly tested for longevity, they promise first-time-impression charisma.

Custom Embossing and Engraving Options

Custom Embossing and Engraving Options

Take your hat patch design to the next level with customized embossing or engraving. We offer a variety of textures, patterns and custom markings that can be added directly onto your patch material. Embossing adds dimensionality and texture through raised imprints on the surface.

How We Craft Each Masterpiece:
The Manufacturing Process

step 1
Selecting Best Materials
Selecting Best Materials

Before the actual creation work begins, we perform meticulous inspections to source only the finest materials from trusted suppliers worldwide. This ensures that the end product surpasses expectations in terms of quality, durability, and aesthetics.

step 2
Your Ideal Design
Configuring Your Ideal Design

Our experts work closely with you to bring your design idea to life. Through a series of collaborative iterations, we consolidate your desired color schemes, patterns, graphics, and styles into an ideal design blueprint that represents your brand impeccably.

step 3
Ensuring Minute Detailing for Every Patch
Detailing for Every Patch

Once the design is confirmed, our experts handcraft each hat patch, paying immense attention to each tiny detail. From threading the needles to adding the back stitches, delicate care is apparent in every piece, ensuring your finished patch is the essence of nature.

step 4
Ensuring Quality Control and Final Checks
Ensuring Quality Control and Final Checks

All of our hat patches pass through several quality control checks before they leave our factory. You can rest assured that we do everything to make sure that when your custom hat patches arrive, you won't find a single flaw.

step 5
Safe and Secure Packaging
Safe and Secure Packaging

Our hat patches are securely packaged to prevent any damage during the shipping process. The patches are secured with additional cushioning materials to prevent collision during transit. Finally, your package is sealed  before it leaves our premises.

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How You Can Order For Your Patches?
Here’s Our Seamless Process

We make the procedure to order your hat patches as simple and straightforward as possible, ensuring that you get exactly what you want, without any hassle. Here are the steps you need to follow to get your custom hat patches:

How You Can Choose
The Perfect Patch For Your Hat

Choosing the perfect patch for your hat can be a daunting task considering the options available. But worry no more! We’re here to guide you on how to select an impeccable patch for your hat – personal or business, ensuring the choice aligns best with your requirements and style.

Share Your Vision: Understand Your Design, Color Palette, and Style

Like every conscious decision, choosing the perfect patch begins with understanding your requirements. What is the size and color you’re after? What is the main purpose of including the hat patch – Is it for branding, individual interest, community representation, creativity or a cause? Answering these core questions forms an extensive briefing on your vision.

Share Your Vision Understand Your Design, Color Palette, and Style

Quality Over Everything: The Backbone of Durability

The quality of the materials used in making your custom hat patches goes a long way in determining their longevity and appearance over time. Regardless of the design, style, or purpose of the hat patch, the main backbone of your choice should always be its quality. A good quality patch will withstand the numerous washing cycles and everyday wear, becoming as durable as the hats they decorate.

Quality Over Everything

One Size Doesn't Fit All: Differentiating the Size of Patches

Not every design fits well in every size. Similarly, not every patch will fit on every hat. The size of the patch must correspond with the size and style of the hat for it to look its best. Of course, we understand that you might want a larger patch on a smaller hat or vice versa – in that case, express your thoughts with style! Our custom builders accommodate your out-of-the-box requirements too!

different Sizing patch logo

Attach and Placement: Choose Your Ideal Attachment Method

The attachment and placement of a hat patch are two of the most critical aspects of wearing patches successfully on hats. Iron on, Velcro back, sticky back, sew-on, or pin-on -What’s the preferred application style for your patch? The method you choose dictates not only how the patch stays attached to the hat but also its versatility and convenience of application.

Attach and Placement Choose Your Ideal Attachment Method

Gauge Your Appropriation: Decipher What's Right for You

Whether you’re a startup, a running brand, an NGO, a local sports club, or an individual after this sincere interest- it’s you who can best recognize what suits your needs. If your brand has specific colors already, ensure the patches match or harmoniously complement them. Discuss the nature of your cause, vision, or passion and we are glad to propose ideas to make your patches remarkable.

Gauge Your Appropriation Decipher What's Right for You

Experience The Quality Yourself - Order the Sample Today!

Simply select the number of samples you'd like delivered to your door, and we'll ship them out straight away.

client's Testimonials

Patrick Currey
Patrick Currey

Your custom hats patches are exceptional! They’ve given our team a new visible identity.

Fern Males
Fern Males

Loved the quality and ease of application of your patches. Really set my bunch of baseball caps apart.

Jesse Keller
Jesse Keller

We were looking for a unique way to promote our brand and your custom patches did just that. We loved the different options available and how responsive the team was. Great experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

For any unanswered questions or further clarifications, please read through our FAQs section.

Yes, we ship our hat patches to businesses and individuals internationally. The shipping time might vary depending on the courier service and your location.

As a bulk supply hat patch producer, our minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 30. However, there is no upper cap – Sky’s the limit! You can order as many hat patches as you require in terms of maximum quantity keeping manufacturing and transport time into consideration.

Our Hat Patches go through rigorous quality assurance checks. We use only high-quality materials ensuring their longevity. Each patch goes through crucial control and final verifications confirming measurements, colors, threading, cutting, and all other pertaining details are indeed up to the mark doubling grandeur server pleasures.

Yes, absolutely! You are free to submit your design or logo to be incorporated into a custom hat patch. In fact, we encourage it so we can tailor the patch to your hat as closely as possible. We have competent designers to efficiently guide you through framing your creative vision into an appealing hat patch design.

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