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How To Remove Iron On Patches? Here Is The Best Method You Need To Know

Iron on patches is a popular choice for adding a charm to your garment. But with the passage of time our preferences change and sometimes we want to reuse it. For this reason, you may need to remove the patch. If you are alo looking to learn how to remove iron on patches without any damage? Then you caught the right place! To remove an iron on patch requires the right approach and effective techniques because wrong methods and improper techniques can lead you to the unwanted consequences. But don’t worry! In this blog you’ll get the best, easy, right and effective methods of removing iron on patches.

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Explore Our Expert Methods And Techniques Of How To Remove An Iron On Patch

There are different methods of how to remove iron-on patch glue from fabric.
Let’s have an overview of the easiest and safest one.

Expert Methods And Techniques

Method#1: By heating and peeling

  • First of all, set your iron on a low or medium temperature.
  • Cover your badge with a clean cloth in order to protect the nearby area. You can also use parchment to cover it.
  • To warm up the adhesive gently apply the iron on your patch for almost 20 seconds.
  • When it is warm try to peel it off. If it does not remove, then try it again.

Method# 2 By freezing

  • Put your clothes in a plastic bag and seal it.
  • Then place it in the freezer for some hours or overnight.
  • The cold temperature will make the adhesive fragile and easier to remove.
  • Take out your bag from the freezer and immediately peel off the patch.

Method# 3: By using adhesive removers

  • Use a mild adhesive remover that won’t damage your fabric.
  • It is better to test on a small area or on the rough cloth.
  • Apply some remover on it and let it for a few minutes.
  • Turn your cloth inside to expose the fabric behind the patch.
  • Soak the back of the patch into the adhesive remover.
  • Leave it for a few minutes till the patch loosens.
  • Check it by peeling off the corner, if it is removed then peel it off slowly.
  • If it doesn’t remove properly then repeat the process until it’s removed completely.

Method# 4: By soaking in hot water

  • For this method, you need a small container or you can use a sink too.
  • Put some hot water in your container.
  • Then soak your garment into the water and leave it for around 20 minutes.
  • Now gently rub your patch with your hands and you can also use a soft bristled brush.
  • It will loosen the patch, remove your patch, and then rinse it.

Method # 5 By using a hair dryer

  • Firstly, set your hair dryer on high heat. Hold the hair dryer to the backside of the patch.
  • Then turn it on and blow dry the patch until the adhesive is heated up.
  • After heating it up try to remove it smoothly.
  • If it does not leave its place, then repeat the procedure and remove it completely.
  • When the patch is removed you can also use any adhesive remover to the remaining glue.

Method # 6 By soaking in vinegar

  • Using vinegar is a great remedy for removing stubborn stains and removing glue.
  • For this method you are to make a solution by taking vinegar and water in the same quantity.
  • After making the solution put your patch area into the solution.
  • Soak it overnight, it will soften the patch. Check it the next day and remove it.
  • If it doesn’t peel off easily then you can some tool and rub it gently, it will be removed.

How To Remove Iron On Patch From Leather?

removing a patche from leather with adhesive remover

You can’t use all methods on all types of fabric, because all have different texture and durability. For example, you can’t apply heat on leather for removing an iron on patch because it can damage it. That’s why you need the right guidance and instructions for removing an iron on patch adhesive. Let’s see how to remove iron on patch from leather. If you want to Look up our leather hat patches.

Step 1: Use leather-safe adhesive remover

A leather-safe adhesive remover contains basic ingredients like orange oil or xylene-based. The liquid adhesive removers are preferred because you can soak your patch thoroughly.

Step 2: Expose the backside of the patch

The second step is to turn your garment and expose the inside of the patch, making sure the position of the patch.

Step 3: Soak the patch area thoroughly into the adhesive remover

  • Pour the adhesive remover on the backside of the iron-on patch.
  • Use gloves while using adhesive removers to protect your skin. You can also use dropper or spoon for pouring the remover.
  • Soak the whole backside of the patch into the remover thoroughly.
  • Let it loosen the patch, after that remove it properly.

How To Remove Iron On Patch Glue From T-Shirt?

Remove Iron On Patch Glue From T-Shirt

If you want to remove an iron on patch from uniform, then follow these steps and remove your patch without damaging it.

Use nail polish remover

  • Nail polish remover can do wonders; you can use it for removing an iron on patch. Nail paint remover contains acetone acid, breaking down the glue from an iron-on patch.
  • Before using nail polish remover it’s suggested to test it on a small or invisible area.
  • Take some cotton and dip it in the nail paint remover. Make sure the cotton is completely soaked in acetone.
  • Apply the remover on the patch and let it loosen.
  • After it gets loosen; remove it gently.
  • Repeat the steps until the patch is completely removed.

How To Remove Iron On Patch Adhesive From Jerseys?

Remove Iron On Patch Adhesive From Jerseys

Before you pop out with a similar question like how to remove a iron on patch from jerseys, we are right here to get you to introduce some different and practical methods. It involves simple ingredients to make your experience of removing an iron patch hassle-free.

  • You can start from the edges to loosen the patch.
  • Lift the patch upwards and against the material using a scraper, butter knife, or spoon.
  • Remove the patches and wash the cloth to make it clean.
  • Apply any adhesive remover to remove the remaining glue.
  • Clear the area to remove unwanted stickiness.


To conclude, after reading this blog you have come to know the different methods on how to remove iron on patches. I’ve explained the various techniques; from heating and peeling to the method of using vinegar. But you can’t apply all methods on all kinds of fabric. Now with the help of this discussion you can choose the right method which will suit to your fabric and can remove your iron on patch easily but safely.

frequently asked questions

You can use a commercial adhesive remover, rubbing alcohol for sturdy fabrics and a damp cloth with warm soapy water. Remove it gently and avoid harsh rubbing.

The safest way of removing an iron on patch is to apply gentle heat with an iron and carefully peel the patch away. This method works for most fabrics but always test on a hidden area first.

For this you can apply more heat, you can use a stronger adhesive remover (following its instructions), or can also try the hairdryer method for deeper penetration.

Some fabrics might show slight discoloration. Try dabbing with a mild, color-safe laundry detergent or fabric stain remover.

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